Marissa Minx Scenes

Marissa Minx Gets Throat Fucked

Marissa getting throat fucked hard in this one. Matt had no idea some hot broad was naked in the rooom, wearing nothing but a towel. Watch as she lays back...

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Marissa Minx Having Fun With Her Toys

Marissa's got a couple new toys and she's eager to show them off! Watch her getting rock hard in this one, wearing some leather strap getup and fishnet sto...

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Marissa Minx Fucked By Miles

Watch Marissa Minx get fucked hard by Sgt. Miles in this one! They blow each other for awhile, then Miles drills her asshole hard with his huge cock! You'r...

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Marissa Minx And Natalie Mars

Marissa Minx and Natalie Mars get really freaky in this scene! Watch Natalie give Marissa the rim job of her life, and then Marissa returning the favor! Fo...

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Marissa Minx Fucked By Kai

Marissa was just planning on sucking Kai's cock in this one, but then she got so horny that she spread her legs open wide and let Kai fuck her asshole in e...

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Video: 26:08

Marissa Minx Has More Fleshlight Fun

You're going to love watching Marissa fuck her fleshlight in this one! If there's nobody else around to fuck, then this is the next best thing for sure! Ho...

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Marissa Minx Fucked By Alexa Scout

If there's one thing Marissa Minx loves more than getting fucked, it's gotta be sucking cock! In this scene, Marissa slurps on Alexa Scout's cock until it'...

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Marissa Minx Fucks Jasmeen

Watch Marissa fuck Jasmeen's tight pussy in this one! Jasmeen loves cock, but she also loves girls so this was a match made in heaven for her! After Jasmee...

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Marissa Minx Blowing Kai

Marissa gives Kai one of the best blowjobs he's ever had in this one! She deepthroats his cock, while laying on her back and letting him throat fuck her un...

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Marissa Minx Getting Fucked

Marissa gets to suck and fuck a pretty big cock in this one! She sucks it first, then lets this dude fuck her ass in every position imaginable here! Her ti...

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Marissa Minx Gives Amazing Head

Marissa is a true professional when it comes to sucking cock. Watch her slurp this dude's fat dick until he comes all over her in this scene! What a lucky ...

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Marissa Minx Giving Kai A Hand

Even though Kai was only expecting a little handjob here, Marissa just couldn't help but to slip his big cock into her mouth for a minute here! It's just t...

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